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For coaches, trainers, and healers

Does writing for your business feel like a confusing time-guzzler?

Do you regularly need to take a break from posting or writing emails?

Are you not reaching enough potential clients? 

And not hearing YES to your offers? 

Feel like the more you learn, the more confused you get? 

 Then it’s time to step on the brake.

 And find a solution that will work for YOU. 

Let me show you where YOUR magic happens.

Let’s find the exact words you need,

so that more clients will say YES PLEASE!

And you finally get to help more people.


Epic Copy Seekers Membership

Create authentic copy using the EPIC copy principles. Low cost solution. Work at your own pace. Learn how to create copy your way and make friends for life.

Alchemy of Power Writing Program

Discover your own deep source for writing in a powerful, aligned way. Create your key message and write meaningful copy during this 12-week, life-changing group program.

12-month Book Alchemy Program

Take your authority to the next level in this 12-month group program. Research, write, and get feedback and support while still having time to run your business and enjoy life.

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