Last weekend I was at Schiphol, picking up my son. It’s a convenient place to meet and we both love the energy of the airport.

We were waiting on the platform for a train and overheard a conductor making an announcement in English. Of course, it’s fantastic that conductors speak English, but in this case, he was saying something different that he thought he was.

In Dutch, ‘bij’ means when in this situation. In English, ‘by’ means through. It’s as if the conductor thinks the only way to make sure that baggage is safe, is if people leave it behind in the train.

I love these kinds of mistakes. We all make them when learning another language and sometimes they can be really funny.

Have you got any examples? I’d love to hear them!

when is a word a soul word

One of the words I use in my business is soul words. In this blog, you’ll read about what they are and how you can use your soul words in your business.