Yesterday, I was blown away. Any of you who have older kids will recognize this feeling. Waiting by the phone to hear how your kid’s final exams have gone. Having spent hours encouraging them (=your interpretation), nagging them (=their interpretation) and willing them to do what they need to do to follow their dreams.  


My son, is 17 and wants to be a pilot. He’s had a difficult time as a teenager. Typical story for a boy growing up with a single Mum. Authority problems, not wanting to buckle down or get on with his life. I’ll be honest, at times, I cried myself to sleep with worry, trying to work out what I needed to do for him.

Follow your own path

In the end, I just had to accept that he had chosen his own path. And, even if I didn’t get why his path included so much gaming and missing school, it was his path and he would (have to) work it out for himself.

Letting go of my need to make it all go right for him was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. It felt like failing him. But it was the only way to let him find his own wings to fly.

Finding your way

So, to begin with, he fluttered around a bit, like a baby bird who isn’t sure what it’s doing yet.

follow your dreams

But day by day I see a more responsible young man emerging. He has opinions, he’s protective of others, he’s an observer and I value what he sees. He understands a lot of things that other kids of his age don’t get yet. Because this was his path.

The fruits of your labour

And yesterday, at 5 past 12, the phone rang and I heard him tell me that he’d passed his exams. With flying colours too. I am so friggin’ proud of him. He’s turned things around and he’s on his way towards his dream of becoming a pilot.

And the best thing of all is how happy he is. The kick that this gives him. The feeling that he can take on the world.

Moving from wanting to achieving

Which brings me to something else. Because that turnaround, from wanting to achieve something to knowing and feeling you are getting there, is what support and coaching is all about. And that’s what I love to do most.  

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