3 things I learned last week. Again.

In this blog I talk about why self-care matters for us as entrepreneurs and how down time can boost our business in 3 separate ways.

Last week was a tough one

Shivers, coughing, foggy head, blanket, bad Netflix series, tea.

Feeling unwell never happens at the right time, does it? In my case I was looking forward to a relaxing week, after 3 weeks of very hard work. Walk in the woods, listen to music, read a book, staring ins Blaue Hinein, that kind of thing.

And then BAM, last Sunday evening, the shivers came.

So much for relaxation.

Feeling unwell has its advantages too.

When I’m unwell, I withdraw from the outside world for a few days. That gives me a perspective I don’t get if I’m in the middle of things. And that gives me new energy which gives me ideas.

It never fails 🙂

It taught me 3 things (…again).

Number 1

The first thing I learned (again) last week was: taking time off from work stops you running empty.

self-care matters, it's important not to run empty

Number 2

When my energy is empty, it’s more difficult to connect with others with my heart. Then my mind takes over and I can end up becoming fearful or judgemental or something else that so gets in my way. That’s so not how to connect with others!  (Thanks to Dana Gita Stratil for pointing out that link to me and my foggy head last Friday)

Number 3

When my energy is empty, I have less fun, I laugh less and life can become heavy. There’s an English saying: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I genuinely believe that humour is incredibly important to our lives. Humour makes everything relative, takes you outside yourself, even in de darkest moments. It gives us a new perspective, gives us hope.

All in all, last week was incredibly useful. It’s shown me again that self-care matters. It’s also helping me work out what I want for 2020 and how I need to get there.

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