One of the words I use in my business is soul words. In this blog you’ll read about what they are and how you can use your soul words in your business.


What are they exactly?

Your soul words are the words that:

  • you love
  • your clients love
  • are unique to you, your products, your processes etc

This means they are words that are usually emotive. Put it another way, they are words that cause reactions. They are words that you deeply resonate with. In other words, they make you feel good, excited and calm, all at the same time!

Look at these combinations to see the difference I mean:

  • good versus powerful
  • quiet versus enigmatic
  • informative versus crystal clear
  • mind versus soul

In marketing we want to use words that get a reaction from others. Soul words will give you the reaction you’re after with your ideal clients.

What can I do with these words?

Use your soul words in your marketing, on your sales page, in your emails, when you’re going live in your community, to create a feeling of community, to inspire your clients and potential clients to achieve amazing results.

How can I find them?

There’s a detailed process I teach my clients to find their soul words. It boils down to this:

  • Brainstorm all the words you use in your business
  • Talk to clients and get them to tell you about you
  • Make a shortlist of the words you like best
  • Analyse them. Can you use them in the way you need to?
  • Adjust your words so you can use them

how epic is your business

Find out how epic is your business.

How many soul words do I need?

Probably not very many. You’ll need some words to describe the result you achieve, maybe for how that feels, ideally a word for the people who work with (increase that community feeling!), Just enough that people feel the difference.

Can I get support to find my soul words?

Yes, you can. Click on the button and sign up for the short Soul Words training. I’ve kept this at a very friendly price, so everyone can benefit.