In this blog you’ll find out what an epic business is (and what it isn’t!).

What makes a business epic?

An epic business is:

  • Your vehicle for making the world a better place
  • It’s not mainly about earning money (although you understand earning more money will make it even more epic)
  • It combines all your talents, gifts and experiences into one beautiful bundle
  • It allows you to feel completely in your element and supremely confident
  • It’s the ultimate expression of what you have to give to the world

What isn’t part of an epic business?

Apart from the opposite of everything in the list above, it also isn’t:

  • A way to escape doing business
  • An excuse to charge less than your services are worth (seriously)
  • A reason to not grow

What kinds of businesses can be epic?

Epic businesses are heart-centred business. Anyone with a business who works with people and wants to make their lives better can have an epic business. Examples are coaches, healers and trainers. Often these business owners are interested in unchartered territories, energies or the esoteric.

Each epic business is epic is its own way, no two are identical. How could they be if your business is so completely about you?

How epic is your business?

Discover your own epic business skills.