My clients often ask me if long sales pages are going to be boring. They don’t want to be dull and are worried that a long page will put people off. In this blog, I’ll share some the reasons why a long sales page is often a very good idea and why you shouldn’t worry too much about them being boring.

They seem to go on for ever!

It might seem like sales pages go on for ever to you. Especially if you’re the kind of person who knows very quickly after arriving on a page if something is for them (for even before). Then a long page can seem like overkill.

That probably means that you are an intuitive buyer. You react to what your intuition or gut feeling is telling you and go with that. (In that case, you’re also quite likely to watch the videos at the top of the page). And because you take quick decisions, you don’t want to slow everyone down.

But it’s not about you

Well, on the one hand, what you do is all about you. It is your epic business after all and you are part of what makes that business extraordinary (which is the E in EPIC). But you’re not writing for you. You’re writing for your audience and you have something to teach them, that they don’t know yet.

Maybe they want to become more intuitive for example. Or heal from old wounds. Or learn a skill. Whatever it is, they are where they are now. And your page needs to reflect that.

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People read long sales pages in different ways

You need to write your sales page for different types of readers, not just people like you (and even if they are people like you, they’re not where you are yet).

Watch the video and find out more

Are long sales pages boring?

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