Writing your sales page can be confusing. You need to know what to say, how to say it and where to put videos, buttons etc. In this blog, you’ll read about blowing hot and cold with your sales page. Scroll down for a quick video.

Pros and cons of templates

When you create your page you often use a template. This is a great start. And once you have your page ready, you’ll probably be really proud of your achievement (hey, it’s a lot of work to create a great looking page).

But as you begin noticing other pages, you’ll see that people have done different things than in your template. They use different phrases, different techniques, the pricing looks different.

Sales page confusion

And you might notice that some of these techniques get your tummy tingling ( I really get a physical reaction to sales pages I like. I’m not the only one, surely?). Whatever way you react, you’ll know when a page seems to be working and when it isn’t.

That’s when we can look back at our own sales page and think ‘Oops!’ (I’m British, so ‘Oops’ is stronger than you might think. Replace it with Darn or Sh*t or any word you save for these occasions).

We can end up doubting our own page because we’re comparing it to others.

Click on the image to read about the 7 secrets to an epic sales page.

Blowing hot and cold

Know the expression? That’s where you really like someone and show them, then run away (usually when they show some interest back). You can get that with your page too.

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