It’s easy to think you’re being 100% clear, because it’s completely clear to you. In this blog you’ll find out why this is a easy-to-fall-into but big mistake. And why ultimately this leads to confusion (and why we never want that!).

Your ego is not the judge

When you know a lot about what you do, it’s very easy to assume that you’re being clear. It’s clear to you right? So, when someone asks you a question or (heaven forbid!) says they don’t understand you, you can get triggered. Which means you might get irritated or sad or angry or… You get the idea.

Thing is, the fact that you’ve been triggered is irrelevant. I know that might sounds harsh. Especially after you’ve put your heart and soul into your sales page. But here’s why that is.

Jumps lead to confusion

Our brains learn by chunking. And that means we join bits of information together into chunks and then we chunk these together and so on. Remember when you were learning to read? How it was tricky to remember that a b wasn’t a d (because let’s face it, they look quite alike)? That’s one of the early stages of chunking for reading. And now you’re reading this without thinking about reading at all (and not even registering the 18 b’s and 13 d’s so far in this blog 😉)

That means, when you know something well, you make jumps. Jumps are perfectly logical for someone who knows what you do. But they really aren’t for other people. So every jump you make a little jump for you, it can lead to confusion for others.

And as the saying goes:

A confused mind never buys.

That’s why you need to be really careful to avoid this mistake.

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Watch the video

In this video, I talk about the confusion trap, when I first noticed it myself, and ask if you’re falling into it.

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