The last thing you want is an icky sales page, so you really don’t want to focus on FOMO or negativity. But are you making this fear mistake? In this blog, you’ll find out more about the role of fear in your sales page.

Why be careful with fear?

I work with online trainers, coaches and healers, so they all work with people in a deep and personal way. To help people move forwards they need to take them on a journey, which may at times be uncomfortable, so it’s essential that their clients can trust them.

That just doesn’t fit with heavy FOMO and other fear- and shame-based techniques (and to be honest that’s old-school marketing).

Can we just leave it out?

That’s what quite a few of my clients have suggested to me in the past. They don’t want to have a negative vibe on their page, so they decide that fear has no place on their page.

Let’s have a look at that idea, shall we?

Why fear has it place

I’m afraid of boredom. It really scares me. That actually explains a lot of why I wanted to work for myself. And it also explains some other things about me. I like variety. I like to learn new things (actually that’s a severe understatement, I need to learn new things). And I love going on adventures.

If fear is a taboo, then all those parts of my personality are censored. And the same is true if you ignore fear entirely on your page.

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