This is a story about an ex-dj masquerading as a History teacher, how he tried to make me change who am I and what I found out later. Along the way, I’ll share some ideas for your stories.

A dj teaching History

When I was 15 I had a TERRIBLE History teacher. I loved History, but this guy? He thought he was really cool, because he’d been a dj. But he dressed from 5 years earlier and he was, well, much too into himself.

Like in what universe does being a dj equip you to teach History? (his I guess)

He was also the worst teacher I had EVER encountered. No structure, no stories to engage us, and he NEVER checked what we’d done.

What I decided to do

I was bored silly, but I wanted to pass my exams, so I decided to make the lessons more bearable by writing my notes in mock olde English rhyme.

He wasn’t going to notice anyway.

Until the day he did.

Things got weird

We’d got so fed up with this guy that we’d complained to his team leader. Who then asked to see 3 exercise books.

Guess whose book was picked? hihi

I still wonder if the dj had ANY IDEA what I’d written before he handed it over.

But he certainly found out later.

Because he took me apart and told me that if didn’t start taking LIFE more seriously, no-one was ever going to take ME seriously.

I took it to heart

Look, I knew he was blustering. And on some level I even felt sorry for him (he seemed to have NO IDEA how ridiculous he was).

But something of what he said, wormed its way to the back of my brain. And for years, I tried to tone down my humour (which is a bit like volunteering to have all your teeth pulled – senseless, expensive, and painful).

Many moons (and stories) later

I stumbled across a stand up comedy course and heard I was a natural. People actually laughed.

They took me seriously BECAUSE I was funny.

So, where am I going with this tale?

I’ve just told you a story from my own life, about a useless teacher denting my confidence. But it was also about my love of language and making the best of a bad situation. And about me learning to embrace who I am.

So, you know me a little better now. And you liked the story. Or you didn’t. (I get that if you’re an ex dj you might not approve)

What does this have to do with you? #gladyoureawake

πŸ‘‰ The easier it is for YOU to write from your heart and to share stories like this one, the easier your business will grow.

How can you find YOUR stories?

You’ve had teachers right? Dreams? Setbacks?

So, write about them.

Why? Because people connect to stories (or disconnect and that’s fine, because they weren’t your people anyway).

The people who appreciate you and will buy from you, WANT to know βœ… WHO you are, βœ… WHAT you do, and βœ… WHY you do what you do (and that’s just for starters).

Epic copy helps you do just that (and tell stories).

So, guess what? The better your copy gets, the easier it becomes to grow your business (and finally ditch the dj-ing πŸ˜‰

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