In this article you’ll read about the essential elements in an epic sales page.

1. It all starts with who

The most essential step of all is knowing who you’re creating the page for. So, what do you know about these people, their fears, worries and dreams? You have to be able to get inside their heads, know them like you’re their best friend. Connecting with them in this way is one of the ways to create your epic sales page.

2. Address their dreams, their fears and their worries with your offer

I’m getting into contentious territory here. Here’s what I’m NOT saying: exploit their fears and worries. No, I’m talking about a much more subtle tactic. Play to their dreams, but never forget they have fears and worries which may prevent them from buying.

Take that in for a moment. Because it’s important.

3.Work with a structure

There is literally no point to reinventing the wheel. The only thing that happens then is that you forget a spoke and your wheel doesn’t work. So make use of what’s available to you to learn the structure of a page.

You’re taking your visitors on a journey, not on a trip through a pile of spaghetti.

So, think that journey through from clicking the page link to clicking the buy button.

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4.Be yourself

It also makes no sense to make a sales page just like everyone else’s. Use a structure that works, sure, but then write it in exactly the same way as everyone else does? Not a good idea.

One of the reasons people buy is that they’re getting something unique, that they can’t get anywhere else. So, it’s important that you show your uniqueness on the page. Now is not the time to be a standard cheeseburger. That means, if you are are a sweet chili pickle burger, now’s the time to talk about it!

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5.Make sure your guarantee helps you sell

Your sales page should have a guarantee. That’s because it’s more difficult to trust people you’ve never seen IRL. A guarantee is one way that visitors to your sales page will feel more comfortable about buying. And guess what? If they’re uncomfortable, they won’t buy.

But if you’re really smart, you’ll also make sure your guarantee actually helps you sell. Often people think they need to make sure that they hold back on the guarantee, because people could abuse it. So then the guarantee reads more like a veiled threat.

6.Give them a reason to buy now

How many emails do you get in a day? Of those, how many do you open? And how many do you open, click through to a page and then get distracted? Yep, me too.

Often I’ve got so many tabs open that I can’t remember where I put that darn sales page. And when I do finally find it again, hidden behind my Google drive and a cool new Appsumo product, it’s often expired.

Don’t let that happen to you. So, this means: give them a reason to buy now (and not head off to the kitchen to boil some water, load up the dishwasher and feed the cat – and forget about you)

7.Don’t just focus on the features

If you just talk about features of your product or service, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Sure, you need to make these clear, but really what you’re talking about is what they could do for your audience. It’s the result for your audience that counts.

Imagine you’re selling a course about coaching techniques. If you talk about the features, you’ll give all the relevant details like it being online, a new module released every Wednesday, what the course is about etc. But what your audience really wants to know is can it solve my problem? Will it make me a better coach? And will it help me sell more coaching packages?   

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