Back in February 23, on a dreary Saturday afternoon, I was sitting in the massage chair at my hairdressers, waiting for something or other to work on my hair. I was in that beautiful, dreamy space between awake and asleep, when suddenly I had a vision. Ping, ping, ping like little balls of light connecting. I saw what I needed to do.

Mapping out my business in 3 seconds

My amazing hairdresser Marjan knows me well enough that when I was ready to return to my chair, she just chuckled while I made furious notes in my notebook (TIP. Always take a notebook with you to the hairdressers!). I was terrified I’d forget everything I’d seen (I’d literally mapped out my business for the next 12 months in about 3 seconds).

What I needed to do

It was this – talk to business owners about their experience and ideas about power. Why? Because that was the missing part of the puzzle. For several years, I’d been offering copywriting and copy coaching, which my clients loved but often didn’t share the texts enough to allow them to start working for them. I was frustrated, they were frustrated, and I was looking for a way to help.

Power is the missing piece

For the last few years, I’ve been working with the Epic Success Map. It contains the ingredients you need to run a successful, epic business, which builds on your talents, skills, and expertise. I’d been calling one of the ingredients ‘mindset’ for want of a better name (I knew mindset wasn’t it but was good enough to start with).    

Late 22, I’d already realised that the missing ingredient was power, not mindset. Not power in a ‘I’m-coming-to-take-over-your-country’ kind of way but the power to dig deeper than you ever have before to find the thing that only you can say. That’s the indispensable foundation for powerful copy and marketing (even using ChatGPT).

And it’s more than that. Because if you’ve delved that deep, you’ve found your purpose too, cleared out some of the blocks that were holding you back and that gives you the fire to keep going even when the going gets tough in your business and life (which it inevitably does from time to time).

An epic start to the podcast

By Saturday evening, I’d sent an invitation to women who I knew would have fascinating things to say about power. By Monday, the first 10 conversations had been set up. Two weeks later, they were recorded. They turned out to be just as wonderful as I’d hoped. 

Then 2023 happened

2023 was the weirdest year. I knew I was on track and I kept running into massive obstacles. ChatGPT. My mother became seriously ill. I took a holiday and spent it intuitively crawling out of a depressed funk.

But also, I renewed my branding and built a new website. I read voraciously. I created my life-changing Alchemy of Power Writing program and ran it twice. I decided to move house.

I shifted to deal with all the challenges that my life and business were giving me. It was a real rollercoaster of a year. A year where I was so grateful I knew what I wanted to do, because I HAD to keep going. A year where my bravery was tested, just like I ask my clients to do. 

Meanwhile the podcast recordings were waiting. We sloowwwwly created everything we needed to set up Conversations about Power. We set up intros and outros and tried out volumes and fiddled around.

Before I knew it, it was November 

I always start reviewing my year in November. For several reasons:

  • I guide my groups through a review and I like to try it out first (every year needs something different).
  • It gives me a kick to see how much I have achieved (I’m always impressed).
  • It gives me a chance to finish off jobs that are uncompleted. 

And slap, bang at the top of my to-do list for 2023 was launch the podcast. So nearly ready, but not actually launched yet.

A week in December

Yep, you guessed it, it turned into a mad rush. Next step. Problem. Solve it. Next step. Until it was ready enough to launch on December 27.   And now here are the Conversations about Power for you to listen to, muse on and enjoy. Along with all of my other conversations about power.

Because, in times like these, especially for women in business, this is a continuing conversation.

How to listen to Conversations about Power

At the time of writing (early January 2024), Conversations about Power is available in all your favourite podcast apps.

Follow us to make sure you get the latest conversation. Listen to us in the car, while you’re cooking or out for a walk and then tell us what you think. After all, this is a conversation. You can also find all the conversations here.