privacy disclaimer

Who is collecting the data?

Data on this site is being collected by Skyhook Projects, the company behind Your Epic Business, owned by Lynn Coleman. We’re registered at Hesselterbrink 122, 7812 EC, The Netherlands.

What data is being collected?

If you request information or subscribe to an activity:

  • Your first name and email address

If you are a customer, the following information may be recorded:

  • Your first name, last name, company name, company address, company email address, telephone number, tax number, company registration number
  • A record of our contact and activity

What is the legal basis for processing the data?

 The legal basis for processing the data is the EU law GDPR, May 25th 2018. Skyhook Projects operates in the Netherlands.

 Will the data be shared with any third parties?

Data will never be shared explicitly with other parties. However, it is possible that your data may be hosted on a server from another party. In this case, data is password protected. In some cases, this data may be stored outside the EU. In these cases, these parties have provided certificates suitable for users in the EU.

How will the information be used?

Data is collected to:

  • ensure that I am able to contact you if you have requested information, subscribed to an activity or requested a download
  • ensure that I am able to contact clients
  • ensure that I am able to meet my legitimate interests (cookies)
  • help me offer a better experience for visitors to the site (tailored, cookies)
  • help me attract more visitors to the site (cookies, data is anonymous)      

How long will the data be stored for?

  • Client materials will be stored for maximum 3 years.
  • Information needed for the tax authorities will be stored for 7 years.
  • Contact information will be kept until you unsubscribe or your details are found to be no longer valid. It is also possible that a clean up may take place: in that case, unused contact information will be deleted. 

What rights does the data subject have? 

You have the right to request that you see which data is stored about you.

You also have the right to request that this data is deleted (barring the legal requirements to data retention).

You have the right to raise a complaint with the Dutch GDPR authorities. 

How can the data subject raise a complaint? 

Please use the contact form on this site to raise any issue you may have. I will then contact you to discuss how we can proceed further.