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Epic Copy Seekers Membership

The low-cost Epic Copy Seekers membership brings coaches, healers, and trainers together to create copy that feels good for you and your audience. Learn techniques, practise and get your copy done. A cost-effective, slow and steady solution where you’ll make friends for life.


Alchemy of Power Writing Program

Magical 12-week program that connects you to your inner power-writing muse. Heal your words, learn how to enjoy writing copy, find your message and connect with your audience like never before. This is deep work that can change your life.


Epic Route Plan 1-to-1 Package

Work with Lynn, 1-to-1 on your copy during this 3-month package. We’ll start with a deep dive ito find the magic in your message, then move onto a project, such as upgrading your website or creating a new sales page. Maximum 5 spaces available at any one time. Application only.

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