As a Certified Master Persuader (one of the first 15 in the world!), I’ve been personally trained and licensed to carry out Persuasion audits by Bushra Azhar.

Based on 200+ data points, these audits focus on high-impact, tweakable improvements, so that your sales pages, funnels, webinars, website etc help your audience to buy from you more easily (without feeling like an icky salesman).

The place to start is always your offer.

Why not apply for a complimentary Strike Sales Page Gold session? Discover how you can take your sales page to the next level and get a taster of what these advanced tactics could do for your sales page and your business.


Time to get serious about growing your business WITHOUT losing focus on what you love to do?

    Our first stop is your strategy. We go straight for what you need for your business. We’ll talk about you, your business, your strategy, your gifts, your style, and what YOU want to do
    Then we meet online every week to discuss priorities and to schedule activities. This is when I put my coach hat on to help you grow your visibility. I’ll cheer you on, hold your hand and make sure you know what to do next.
    Then in the background I write (or edit) emails, web or sales pages and social media posts for you or give you feedback on a webinar or challenge or summit etc. We can also work on your branding together.
    Inbetween you can send me quick support questions via email.
    This package includes graphics support for posts, worksheets etc.
    Bonus: in-depth offer, funnel, communication or influence audit using the scientifically-based Persuasion Audit tool. Valued at €597.

I work with maximum 5 epic entrepreneurs at one time in this way.

See for yourself if we’re a match, during a complimentary Strike Sales Page Gold Session.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Working with Lynn is playful, professional and easy at the same time. She has a warm personality and I feel she really wants me to succeed. She helps me in a way that fits me. Don’t think twice. Work with Lynn!

What Marian Nielsen Joos, Your Business Shaman, says about working 1-on-1 with Lynn

See for yourself if we’re a match, during a complimentary Strike Sales Page Gold Session.


In the Epic Copy Seekers membership you improve your copy month by month with:

  • a copy training, detailing the exact steps to creating a particular type of copy or focussing on an important copy skill
  • a Q&A, so you can’t get stuck implementing the training (even if you’re doing something for the first time)
  • a co-working session, so you get it done (instead of those courses you can never keep up with)

And what does that give you? Your very own copywriting system, so you’ll never have to wonder what to say ever again.

Plus you’ll feel super confident about your copy, because it’s EPIC – Extraordinary Profitable Irresistible and Conscious! (which is the polar opposite of the Expensive, Poorly-written , Icky and Commonplace copy you see in so many places).

Work alongside other coaches, trainers and healers to grow your epic business using the power of copywriting.

The group is small enough, so that everyone can know and support each other, so that everyone grows together.