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Hi, I’m Lynn Coleman. Brit living in the Netherlands, 2 kids, and executive cat staff. Intensely curious, deep listener and always learning. After my literature degree, I’ve worked as an IT programmer, project manager, lecturer, English teacher, translator and now I help some of the kindest souls on earth to find and share the thing that only they can say.

When I started copywriting, I noticed something curious. Even when I’d written copy for someone that they genuinely loved, they didn’t always share it. That’s when I realised that sharing your writing is as big a transformation as writing it.

Lots (maybe most!) coaches, healers, and changemakers worry that their writing is salesy or pushy, so they hold back from sharing what they do. Often they just don’t know what to say or how to say it. So, they hold back or even fall silent. And then they start losing confidence about what they do (even though they love it), because they’re not working with enough clients. And ultimately, they start doubting themselves and their business. 

If that’s you, you need to know that you can change this.

Just imagine how much easier it would be to write for your business and share what you do, if you could write freely, powerfully and in a fully aligned way!

That’s why for me copywriting and writing coaching ALWAYS go hand in hand. Because I care about your results. And I care about you doing more of what you were born to do. Because I know what that does for you and for the people around you. 

This is my way of making the world a bit better place – by helping you help more people in your own unique, beautiful, epic way.


Get copy written for you

3-month packages for coaches, trainers, and changemakers, I believe in co-creation, building  from a solid structure and adding more magic as we go. Intensive, transformative and gets results. 

Upgrade your messaging

 This is the deep work that needs doing before copy can begin to work for you. Included in all 3-month copy packages and in the Alchemy of Power Writing program. 

Writing coaching

 Learn how to write your own copy or book AND tackle those tricky saboteurs that trip you up and hold you back.  Part of all live writing activities.

Upgrade your offers

Writing can only help you sell what you’re already offering. I’ll help you upgrade your offers too, so sales become more natural.  

For coaches, trainers, and changemakers

 I’ve specialised in helping beautiful people who want to help people. You can trust me to turn your wildest woo woo. into words that work for you and help more clients to work with you. 

Unique brew of techniques

I love to learn and I love to share the best techniques I’ve discovered with you. Get ready for an IT-trained, spiritual, intuitive, psychological brew.

I believe you can write. You just haven’t found the right way to do it yet.

Imagine, if you could express yourself from the heart.

And write in a way that connects.

Clearly. And simply.


What would that do for your business? And for you?


what people say

Want an impression of what working with me is like? Don’t take it from me…

Lívia Zolnianska

Lívia Zolnianska

Life Coach

I enjoy Lynn’s kindness, wisdom and deep sensitivity, which allowed us to process, write, and move on. I joined the first round of the Alchemy of Power Writing and I’m really glad I did.

Mirjam Blekkenhorst

Mirjam Blekkenhorst

Energy healer & retreat organiser

Lynn is an amazing coach and a deep listener. Her passion for writing inspires me to keep writing. I have worked with Lynn 1-to-1, in the Alchemy of Power Writing program and the Epic Copy Seekers membership.

Leontine Boxem

Leontine Boxem


Working with Lynn is playful, professional and easy at the same time. She has a warm personality and I feel she really wants me to succeed. She helps me in a way that fits me. Don’t think twice. Work with Lynn!

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Recent projects at Your Epic Business. 

Podcast launch

Intuitive copywriting program

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In February 2023 I spoke to 10 women about power and what it means to them. The conversations were so fascinating, that I decided to launch a podcast. Conversations about Power is live in your favourite podcast app (or will be very soon).

Born in a shamanic journey, The Alchemy of Power Writing  transforms how you feel about writing. Deep, life-changing, affirming. Read more here.

 Christine Morrison from CMA training wanted a copy upgrade for her site and supporting materials for the 20th anniversary of her business. I wrote the copy with input from Christine. View here.

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